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Starlooks’ Top 10 Guide to Party Time Bliss: How to have the Best Party

1. Food: best, if possible {hire a caterer, preferably the best}!

2. Drinks: have a bar, if possible, {hire a bartender, preferably the best}!

Otherwise, go to drinksmixer.com for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks alike.

For kids go to http://www.smoothieweb.com or check out a favorite punch recipe here!

3. Music: live, if possible, for USA & Canada {hire a band}!

If you’re in the UK check out this place.

If you’re in Australia, click here.

If you’re somewhere else, sorry. Google it.

4. Atmosphere: lighting, fragrance, neat and clean, nice decor, etc.

5. Play Host/Hostess: mingling, intro’s, conversation, etc.

6. Personal best (hygiene, dress, deodorant, brush your teeth kind of thing & ATTITUDE).

If you’re female and want to smell good, you can always get {Dolce & Gabbana The One}.And if you’re a male that might want to attract someone, you might try this {Virgin Island Water by Creed for Men}.

7. Kids at sitters, in yard or pool with supervisors, or if it’s a kid-centered party, well, there you go!

8. Invite list: make sure all of the guests get along. PLEASE, for the love of the children.

9. Dessert: mmmmm…. yum! A tried and true recipe, perfect for summer: The Strawberry Poke Cake (yes, it’s a Blue Ribbon Contest Winner at Taste of Home)!

And #10! Have designated driver or hail a cab for guests: don’t let them take the keys if they’ve had too much! How can you tell they’ve had too much to drink? We don’t know. But we found a great website that explains it better (be social host responsible) and click here.

We know throwing a party is a lot of work. But throwing the best party takes blood, sweat, and tears. Are you ready?