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Peri Ponchos

One of the things on my daughter’s birthday list wasn’t a poncho, but she had wanted one since last Christmas. So we surprised her and got this Merry Go Brown one (I asked her a couple of months ago which one she like the best out of all the designs). Now all her friends want one and the ponchos are perfect for fall!

Peri Ponchos are made in Oregon, U.S.A. Yep. If you haven’t noticed by now, most of our stuff is US made!




august 2009 marlayna bday 060


august 2009 marlayna bday 050


How to Have a Ballerina Ballet Party

August 2009 064


My daughter’s 8th birthday party was a Miss Sugar Pops ballerina theme. I found some great ideas on how to have a Ballerina Party at this link

Here are some photos of the party! She chose to have a Miss Sugar Pops theme! She is wearing a Candy Lace So Posh Tutu set by Miss Sugar Pops!

We made our own invitations using pretty cardstock and printed out the details of the party on regular paper and then cut them using pretty cutout scissors.

Inside, it said:

Prima Ballerina (Place Name here) is turning (#)!

Twirl on over to her house to celebrate!




Wear a tutu if you have one, it will be a Miss Sugar Pops theme! You’ll have a tu-tu good time! Please RSVP to (phone # here).


For her birthday banner, I simply used printer paper, cardstock, and acrylic black paint to customize her name (see photo). Quick, cheap, and fun!  You could even make it larger if you wanted, we just didn’t have big enough cardstock.

For the party, I had two tables: one to display ballerina/princess themed items and to open presents at and the other for use as a crafting station.

On the display table, a ballerina globe was used as part of the decor. You could find a personalized one here. Or there is a musical snow globe here. For other ideas as decor, here are some by the Music Box Company here. We purchased Princess ribbon and ballet themed ribbon at Joann’s as part of the decor. You can kinda see how it was used – I was going for the ballet strap look, but ran out of ribbon. We also bought fresh flowers as the centerpiece. It came wrapped in a pink material, which I folded down against the vase and then tied the princess ribbon around it. Of course, every party needs confetti, which we used silver stars and round dots of different colors (I couldn’t find any ballet confetti at the local shops in town but I am sure there is some, somewhere if you look hard).

Oh, and Starlooks utilized Starbucks! We were out getting the balloons and I decided to get my iced vanilla latte and then while standing in line, I came across this mug that came with a special pen to use for signing the mug. After signing the mug, you bake it for 15 minutes and then it stays permanently! You can see it in the photo below… (scroll down).


The girls made or decorated and did the following (while classical music such as Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky or The Nutcracker was playing – you can find a great ballet cd here or just make your own playlist):

Princess Crowns.

Princess Wands (which we made using cardstock by tracing a star and then taking bamboo scewers and hot gluing them between two stars).

Diva Mad Libs.

Ballerina coloring pages, including some from Angelina Ballerina.

Facepainting (we used Snazaroo, made in the U.K.)

The girls also had the chance to dance to the instructional ballet DVD, Bella Dancerella. We had two judges set up to see whom could dance the best and there were three girls that won prizes.

Prizes included:

Decorate your own sun catchers – butterfly or rainbow kits ($3.95).

Ballerina Paper Doll book ($7.95).

A Peach change purse (found on sale for $1.00).

A Ballerina ornament ($6.95).


We had 9 guests and they all were perfect princesses. Everyone also left with goody bags that included the following:

Girly pins (packs of 5), that said Princess, Cutie, or had princess graphics, on sale at Fred Meyer (2/5.00).

Rings (found in a pack of 5 that were actually adjustable toe rings, but they used them on their little fingers – on sale for $3.50 each pack).

Crystal cubic Zirconia earrings (found in a gift box of 3 – on sale for $7.00, we took them out and put them in pink sachet bags we found at Joann’s for 10/1.00).

Handmade magnets – Miss Sugar Pops & Ballerina Slippers with custom initials. See a great illustration on how to make these glass magnets here.

Peace Sign crystal barretts, found on sale in a pack of 4 for $1.00 (each girl got 1).

Headbands (found on sale in a pack of 10/1.00).

Strawberry Whoppers.

Special Dark chocolate Hershey’s Kisses in purple wrap.

Ballerina bookmarks, by Dover Publications.

Laffy Taffy in pink and purle wrap.

Pink and red or purple Jolly Ranchers.

We put all of the goodies in little wedding favor boxes we found at a darling little store, Donna’s Gifts, in town.

It is too bad not everything was made in the USA but a large majority of it was. Not everyone can be perfect but at least I did read labels and was selective in what we purchased!

Here are the pics:

August 2009 055

August 2009 067


August 2009 069


August 2009 080


August 2009 081


August 2009 083


August 2009 086


August 2009 131



Here are some ballerina items you may find at Starlooks Boutique:

Ballerina Invitations by Dolce Mia, Made in USA

Ballerina Placemats by Dolce Mia, Made in USA

Ballerina Thank You cards by Dolce Mia, Made in USA

Personalized Ballerina Ballet Slippers Shirt by Liliputians-NYC, Made in USA

Ballerina Slippers by Kamara Designs, Made in the USA.

And of course, we have all kinds of Princess Gifts that may perfectly match what you’re looking for!

Super Awesome Made in the USA Boutique Clothing and Gifts

Hooray!  X marks the spot and you’ve found it–the spot for Made in the USA clothing and toys {4 kids & babes}.  We’ve done a little homework so you don’t have to. We’ve found some awesome products that are currently in stock and ready to go, or custom made to fit your little ones! We’re on our way to finding adding more Made in the USA toys to gear up for the upcoming holidays! Stay tuned.  

Here’s our Top 21 Favorite Items that are also Made in the USA! (ALL OF THEM)

Top 5 Favorite Wood Toys or Toy Sets:

1. Wagon of Blocks $100.00

2. My First Blocks by Holgate Toy $22.00

3. Classic Trolley from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood $60.00

4. Neighborhood Block Wood Set (Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood) $ 50.00

5. Kids 4-in-1 Play Kitchen $497.70

Our Favorite Diaper Bags:

1. The Taylor Weedender by Cricket & Monkey $155.00

Our Top 5 Favorite Baby Carriers:

1. Nature’s Way Baby Pouch Sling $48.00

2. Mahogany Cotton Padded Pouch Sling $44.00

3. Certified Organic Warbler Pouch Sling $60.00

4. Certified Organic Unity Pouch Sling $60.00

5. Geo Fun Padded Pouch Sling $42.00

Our Top 5 Favorite Girls’s Clothing:

1. Vacation Time set by Francoise Studio $69.00

2. Clementine Hailey Dress by Bodemi $57-$69

3. A Time Out is in my Near Future T-Shirt by Fortune Tee $19.00

4. Sky Blue Lotus Euro Tunic by Kait Emerson Designs $39.00

5. Brown Mod Owls on Pink with Green Summer Set by Liliputians NYC $99.95

Our Top Five Favorite Boy’s Clothing:

1. Walk the Plank Pirate Skull Set by Dilly Bop Designs $49.99

2. Confucius says Big Brothers make the Best Friends by Fortune Tee $19.00

3. Customized Birthday Monster Trucks Boys Set by Liliputians NYC $99.95

4. Cowboy Western Fringed Pants by Liliputians NYC $59.95

5. Lil Ruler Snap Up Shirt by Kait Emerson Designs $39.00

As always, Starlooks Boutique:

Has 100% Secure check-out.

Your privacy is always cherished.

We have a friendly return policy.

For more information on our store’s policies, please visit our Store Policies page here.

To shop in general, you may visit: Our store provides fast, friendly, and knowledgable customer service. That way you can comfortably shop. Plus, we love our customers 🙂

Special & Cool Things to do or Make for Father’s Day 2008

Want to get crafty this Father’s Day?  Send your kids over to make this cute decoupage postage stamp tin box (or you could use photos of the the kids with dad or use old sporting, fishing, golfing, or other theme). Just go to for this and other great free crafty ideas that are fairly easy.  


Want to treat dad to dinner but not sure where or which places have what dress policies and are kid-friendly, etc? has just what you need:  links to the most useful databases of restaurants, national, state, or by city. Fine yours now!  Just go here

Does dad have a need to go to the game?  Does he want to go to a concert?  You can check sporting events, concerts, plays, and all kinds of events at StubHub for listings, locations, and times of events. 

Check out now!


Or perhaps he (or you or the kids) want to spend the day at a museum or event at a museum?  We found some great places to research locations, hours, events all in one place.  Here they are:

Or you can stay home, make lunch or dinner (a BBQ is always nice but he may not be able to resist doing it himself) for dad.  Don’t forget the desert!  Here are some great places to get some recipes for food and dessert:

Hope this helps & have a wonderful Father’s Day!  P.S. For reallyl awesome gifts for dad check out this place:

   Go there now!


Oh and P.S.S.  I really love reading because they are chock-full of information on the latest trends, news, and information related to parenting.  They just came out with the Top 50 Coolest Celebrity Dads. Check it out! 

Top 10 Stupid or Smart Things to do When You’re Bored on a Vacation

1.  You usually have the video camera with you, right?  Record yourself (& significant other) sleeping.  If your camera has a timer on it, you can set it to start in 30 minutes, usually the time it takes the average person to fall asleep (or however long you think it’ll take).  You might learn something:  sleep apnea, scratching, talking in your sleep, stuff like that.

2. Make a prank call to someone you don’t like.  Privatize your number.   Better yet, go out and pretend you’re going to take a walk and use a payphone.  Just make sure they don’t know where you’re vacationing.   

3. Call Dr. L (Laura).  I could think of a bunch of things I’d like to ask HER, especially regarding her stance on so-called “shack-up honeys” and why she likes to refer to some women as “unpaid wh*reS” when they are asking her for help.  And since I am happily married with five kids it would probably be a waste of my time to go on there.  Hey, it’s just an idea when you’re bored, right? Taken from her website:

I have a dilemma. How do I call Dr. Laura?
First – Turn Your Radio OFF – NOT Down. While on hold, you will be able to hear the show

  1. Be sure to call between 11:30am – 3:00pm PT (2:30pm – 6:00pm ET; 1:30pm – 5:00pm CT), Monday-Friday. 1-800-DRLAURA (1-800-375-2872). Call from a land line phone, or get stationary with your cellphone.
  2. Once you get through to the screener, be prepared with your question. Focus on the overall philosophical problem, not your specifics. Immediately, tell the screener how you expect to be helped by Dr. Laura.
  3. Write your question down so you do not forget while you are on hold.

4. Go out and buy a package of Nathan’s Hot Dogs.  They’re yummy.  Eat as much as you. Order pay-per-view and watch Beverly Hills Ninja, American Pie/Wedding, Dumb and Dumber, Superbad, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, or one of your favorite hysterical comedies.  Eat a bowl of ice cream afterwards.  Make sure you drizzle it with chocolate and top with goodies.  Then eat another bowl.  JUST KIDDING.  AGAIN, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Oh yeah, if you’re into scary or dramatic, how about The Grudge or The Grudge 2, War of the Worlds, The Exocist Returns, The Omen, or go here and pick  your own: or the popular

5.  Surprise the significant other with a treat (eh em).   ?  You’ll get major brownie points 🙂  What are you keeping score? If you really love him (or her), you don’t keep score.

6.  Get on the net and google your name, your nick-name, your surname, etc.  Then do your hubby’s or wife’s or significant other’s. Dig.  Dig real deep.  If you don’t have one or you’ve already done this, go look up sex-offenders in the area you’re vacationing.   Click here for USA.  Click here for International.

7.  Be snoopy.   After that, check out for America’s Most Wanted.  Keep your eye out for these guys while vacationing (hey, you never know).  Also is good.  I even googled international just in case you’re in Rome or Australia or anywhere else on the planet and came up with this site: click here. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t run into thugs and be a hero.  There are some crazy people out there. 

8. Not too many people do this, I think.  But here’s a good one:  when you first arrive to your hotel room go and do a sweep of the entire area.  I mean clean sweep as if you’re a crime detective.  Get this:  once my son found prescription drug samples in the closet.  My toddler could have eaten them and suffered God only knows what.  Yes this is a high class chain of hotels beginning with the letter “H”…  needless to say, we got a free stay out of it but we never went back…

9. If you have kids, let them jump on the bed if you don’t normally let them at home (they probably do it behind your back anyway).  Let them take as many baths as they want.  Run the jacuzzi.  All with supervision, of course 🙂  Let them feel special and order their own room service.  If they can talk, they can order.

10.  Retail Therapy.  Works almost every time!  For this, I know of a great place:  Starlooks Boutique {4 Kids & Babes} ! Otherwise, get your heiny out of the hotel room and shop sista! /brother 🙂

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  Follow or do not follow these at your own risk.  We can’t be held responsible for the stupid or smart actions that one takes.