Awesomeness by US manufacturers!

My kids really want the Fort by Cardboard Design. In fact, they are talking about getting it for Christmas already. The kids can paint, color, or decorate it any way they please… The boys have those little knights and pirates by Playmobil that could match perfectly with the fort…


Of course if you want something a little more permanent, you can always choose this castle – the King’s Castle (knights and horses not included) by TAG Toys. Made in the USA!


Last Christmas they got the My Very Own House from their uncle and auntie, which they absolutely LOVED! Thus, that became our very best-selling item during Christmas!  Of course, it being a “Cool Mom Picks” pick may have helped in that regard too.

upload date 1-24-09 101

Each time I start shopping for Christmas or a birthday, I always think of (naturally) buying American made items. It is actually quite difficult to find such items at big box stores; However, there are a few online shops that we adore and shop at (besides our own). There are a handful of websites you can visit that are directory types of made in the USA items. If you’re looking for something we do not offer, you can usually find it by using Google. But if it is something that is kid or baby or mama related (and made in the USA) and we don’t have it, please email us to request we carry it & we will do our best to get it!


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