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Halloween Goodies, all Made in the USA

Check out our new Halloween arrivals! High quality items by brand names such as Olive Kids, Sweet Mady’s, Little Baron, Liliputians NYC, and many more bring you not only spunk and spice but peace of mind that your purchase is truly supporting the American economy in a larger way that one may realize.

We heart his So Posh Tutu by Miss Sugar Pops, the Lil Wicked tutu



We also love this Frankenstein t-shirt for boys by Liliputians NYC (also another fave of ours).



Birthday Boy Outfit – Cristian is 4 !








This is my boy Cristian. He turned 4 yesterday! We had a sweet little party with family and friends. The outfit he is wearing is by Just Darling, and is available at Starlooks Boutique {4 Kids & Babes}. It is MADE IN THE USA.

Isn’t he just dapper? Get the look here.


Made in the USA Choices

In an effort to support our economy as best as possible, along with the fact that it just plain makes me feel good, I try to by made in USA stuff as much as possible.

So when shopping for homeschool supplies (yes, we homeschool – starting this year)… I got crazy reading labels. Did you know not all Crayola stuff is made in the USA? But I did find a box that was and purchased them. I couldn’t find any glue sticks that were, but reality sets in – our purchases are not supporting the US economy all of the time.

We like these very cool, educational coloring books (all MADE IN THE USA)by Dover Publications:





I think my 1st and 3rd graders will get a little entertainment out of this set (while also getting a little history lesson)!


Handmade Hats by Laone

Starlooks Boutique has new hats in! Made in USA by Laone (Soldotna, Alaska), these are gorgeous little handmade hats that are one of a kind.

The price is right too $23 each! You can’t beat that for handmade in the USA!

We may have more coming soon, with bright, fall colors! Stay tuned…

Here is the tan one:




 And the cute blue one:


 And the tan, light brown, and light lime green one: