Summer Berry Picking and Gardening

So we have a garden – big deal, right? Not really. But apparently people think its great and our kids LOVE it! They get to pick fresh sugar snap peas whenever they are ready, and we get super yummy red potatoes (my favorite). We also have carrots, turnips, and spinach.

august 2009 marlayna bday 032

august 2009 marlayna bday 065

This week we’ve also went berry picking. In Alaska there’s an abundance of wild berries, including blue berries, crow berries (black currants), cranberries, salmon berries, raspeberries, and strawberries. We’ve only been able to find crowberries and blueberries, but only because I am not willing to risk my children’s lives by going deep into the forest only to run into bear(s). Recently there was a guy just in town taking his dog for a walk and a bear charged him! We take our dog – a chocolate lab, with us everywhere. He even ate some berries too!

august 2009 marlayna bday 017


august 2009 marlayna bday 019


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