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Char’s Yummy Summer Turkey Gourmet Sandwhich

Ohhhh yum. If you love making sandwhiches for your family, they will love this one.

Typical: went to store to buy milk (nothing else). Milk here costs $6 for 2 gallons. Left store with four grocery bags, $60 later…

N E Wayz. Here’s it is!

Ingredients: (please buy grown in USA produce)

1 package of fresh-baked sandwhich rolls (6 ct)


EVVO (extra virgin olive oil)

1 tomato from vine, sliced

1 avocado, perfectly ripe, sliced

clover sprouts – add as much or little as u like


romaine lettuce, 1 slice piece per sandwhich


1 jar of Mediteranean Salad (marinated artichoke hearts, roasted red bell pepper, baby corn, hearts of palm, etc.)

manzanilla olives (green olives with pimentos), crushed or sliced


black olives, crushed or sliced

deli turkey meat of your choice

Wow. By the time I had everything piled up on the bread, I hardly had any room for the meat. So I added just one slice of turkey and that did the trick.


Prepare all food items above.

  1. Slice sandwhich rolls, set aside.
  2. Coat pan with EVVO just enough to cover pan.
  3. Grill sandwhich bread on medium-high heat until golden brown.
  4. Remove from pan, set aside bread on reserved platter with napkin to soak up any remaining oil.
  5. Add mayo, spread a thin layer.
  6. Add tomato slices, olives, and Mediteranean salad (no need to slice). Put as much or as little as you like.
  7. Add sprouts, lettuce, avocado on other side.


I don’t think you need any cheese, but if you must, I recommend HAVARTI. Mmmm.

BTW, this is a killer sandwhich and very satisfying!  Let me know if you try it! Next time we have them, I will take some photos with a real camera of the finished product. For now, you’ll have to deal with my crappy webcam pics.



Seriously the CUTEST Vintage Style Invitations

We scour the market for US made stuff because that’s what we sell. But it’s gotta be high quality & cute. Not only cute, but adorable, can’t live without type of stuff. We try. Not everything on our site is oh-so-fabulous to every single person, but we know you’ll love these precious invitations by Dolce Mia. You will get boutique quality without the boutique price!

If you’ve got a little ballerina in the house, she will go gaga for these Pink Ballerina invites ($16.95):



For a the perfect baby shower try these ABC vintage style invites ($16.95):


And then there’s these for your little cowboy if you got one ($16.95):



See the entire line of made in the USA Dolce Mia invitations @ Starlooks Boutique !  We also have awesome soaps by Dolce Mia.

Please note, not all Dolce Mia items are made in the USA. Several are made in China. We do not carry any items that are made in China. We do, however, sell items that are made in Austrailia (our BabyPaws shoes). Very cute.

Untimely Challenges of a Mom

Timely or untimely, being a mom is challenging. Meaning whether you’re ready for it or not, you got a big task at hand for the REST of your LIFE. Yep. Who said being a mom is easy? Whether you’re a stay at home mom, work part or full time, it’s tough. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always up for a challenge, but it is those days when it seems there just isn’t enough time in a day to accomplish everything that gets to me.


Like today.


Clean, cook, clean again, cook, clean again, cook, and then clean again. Clean, clean, clean, write, study, give orders, yes you can, no you can’t, ask me later, go to your room, do you want more, what, what do you want, maybe, stay on this street, stop jumping on the bed, get off the couch, wash your hands, take a shower, brush your teeth…. drink all your milk, make your bed, and so on and so forth.




So today is one of those days for me. Days where you can’t even take a breath. You can’t get all you need to get done. And you’re frustrated. The hubby is away for another 2 weeks and I am longing, *begging*, for his return AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


Big, deep breath. I feel better now. Thanks for listening.


Anyway, like any mom, she knows it feels good to be appreciated. Let’s make this Mother’s Day an unforgettable one. Don’t forget her! Make her feel really appreciated for all she’s done in your life. Hey, it doesn’t even necessarily have to be your own mom…

Here at Starlooks we strive for excellence.

We want to let you know about some wonderful pieces of fine silver jewelry by Tabetha Sullens, designer of Reminisce Heirlooms.

Let her be queen for all time, not just for a day with this Crown pendant, regularly $35.00 but on $ALE for $31.00 @ Starlooks B:


Absolutely stunning, with a not-so-stunning-drain-your-paycheck-price: get ready to be stunned.

We are putting them all on $ALE.

Better yet, use this awesome coupon code to save even more:


With this code you get to save an additional 15%!

Expires April 30th, 2009. Good on any purchase over $30! Not including s/h. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check back often – we add items almost every day.

The moment you’ve been waiting for…

Haha. Just kidding. Anyway, here’s the kids in their Easter outfits. You can scroll down to an earlier post to see where we got them. We played with the pic a little to make it look a bit old… Immediately in person when we saw the boys we thought of Bagger Vance! easter054-1easter049-11


So I decided to get their portraits done in these outfits. The appointment is on May 9th.  Yup. We’ll use the new photographs from the session to add to Starlooks Boutique. BTW, share your pic with us by sendng it to info (at) starlooksboutique dot com. We’d love to hear from you!

May God Bless You Today and Always !

dreamstime_5403176Morning dawn sunrise in Avalon Glastonbury England from Wearyall Hill.

The Easter outfits I chose for the kids

So this Easter is the very first Easter the kids will be decked out in all US made apparel, with the exception for the shoes, which are made in Vietnam.

I got a little finicky and had a difficult time choosing as there are such great designs out there – I also wanted to stay in an affordable price range!

Here is what I chose for the boys – Made in the USA, of course (we sell this here)!


And shoes are from Payless (hey, there’s not much of a selection here in Soldotna, Alaska). In fact, it was between Payless and Fred Meyer’s. Fred Meyer’s did not have chocolate brown dress shoes in their sizes…

My boys had a choice between Dexter Boat Shoe or Newberry or this Smart Fit Oxford. I told them to keep in mind comfort too. What a steal at 13.99, on sale! Next year we’ll have to shop a little earlier so I can have time to shop online and get them shoes from this great European shoe boutique,



And for the girls. I LOVE this dress, from Peanut Butter Princess Boutique. Bought it in March so we got their FREE shipping deal! $38.00 each:



We haven’t purchased the girl’s shoes yet. That is on the list for things to do for tomorrow. But if we could turn the clock back, I would totally get these dress boots made in Spain from Chic Chic Kids for the girls to go with their dress:


Or these dress shoes  also made in Spain by Chiquitin:


Will post Easter pics probably on Monday… Feel free to comment and share what you’ve gotten YOUR little ones!


Simply AMAZING Timeless Pieces by Eden’s Bouquet

When I saw this line, it immediately began thoughts in my mind of Little House on the Prairie, taking me back to childhood dreams and trips to the library to check out Laura Ingalls Wilder books.  Dreams of living away on a farm, with my bed as a loft, just like the little girls in the t.v. series that was so popular in the 80’s.


That’s what Eden’s Bouquet does. It makes you dream of a time more innocent. Simple, elegant, timeless.  Classic, American. You can’t get any more American than this – seriously. In addition, most of their items are made in the USA, right in the beautiful state of Washington. I LOVE their bonnets, especially this one  from the Cobblestone collection.

I can’t wait to get the Emma blouse  in for my almost 2 year old, Abigail. She’ll look so adorable in it!

On my wish list: the Rose Ruffle Pants to match perfectly with the Emma blouse… and these gorgeous ivory heirloom pants for both my girls:


Go visit Eden’s Bouquet – build up that perfect wardrobe for those professional portraits you’ve been waiting to get done or just to add timeless beauty to the wardrobe. You won’t regeret it.  Don’t forget to check out their blog, The Chronicles of Windy Ridge – that’s where I won the Emma blouse! And I am very grateful for the giveaway too 🙂

Woops, I almost forgot – they have a nice little selection of boys’ apparel too – like this little number, the Charcoal Blazer  from the Cottage Heirloom Collection.