A house to fit every budget

Okay when I first found this, I immediately thought of that 90’s show Married with Children. I don’t know why. Anyway,  this is a travel trailer (buy one here), mind you, and it won’t break the bank at only $19.95 USD. Plus, they are all made in the USA.

And Greenleaf has a house that fits every buget or lifestyle. From travel trailers, lobster shacks, barns, or the traditional dollhouses, Greenleaf offers unique gifts for everyone. See another sampling of their gorgeous wooden miniature houses below.



Part of the fun of these houses are putting them together. When I was a kid I had my heart set on a dollhouse (what girly girl doesn’t)? My dreams came true in 1984 or 85 (can’t remember exact year). I am pretty sure it was made in the USA, but the memories made are even more important and special. Putting together that house with my dad was one of the best memories I have with him…

So put your good dollars (or whichever currency you use) to make lasting memories.

This is the Astor Cottage, $58.99 USD.



This Brookwood house is a limited edition and apparently they only have 20 left! At $199.95, it’s quite the steal!



You can see their entire collection here, at the Greenleaf Company Store.

Other places you can find American-made dollhouses:

Martin Dollhouses – from Barbie to action figure houses, you’ll be pleased with their selection.

Down to Earth Toys – carries made in USA dollhouses. We like this one.

Check out this amazing mansion dollhouse, the Rosedawn Plantation – will set you back a whopping $5,200 + s/h! BTW, we do not know if these are made in the USA, please check with the shop owner or manufacturer.

And of course you can always google “made in the USA dollhouses” to find more… !

~ Charlotte


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