Cricket & Monkey, Another Made in the USA find

We love Made in the USA, in case you didn’t already know. We’re always on the hunt for made in the USA, boutique quality, mom-friendly, fashionable finds.

We adore this little (actually, it’s not so little), number, the Amanda Canvas Messenger Bag in Fields of Blue $110.00:


That’s where Cricket & Monkey comes in. They stand above the crowd in many ways.

1. They are made in the USA (yippee!)
2. All products are approved by CPSIA testing and are lead free and contain no philates.
3. Many celebrities love them. If celebrities love them, we most likely love them too.  Oh come on – tell me you can’t survive without your US magazine or Perez ?  See mug shots below.

Cricket and Monkey. See their line here.

Owner and designer Karen with Ali Landry (“Eve”) and then Jody Sweetin (Full House)@ 2009 Golden Globes Celebrity event:




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