We are 1 Year old today!



OK so this posting may be a little late in the day, but we thought we’d pat ourselves on the back for making it to 1 year.  No, we’re not going to throw a huge birthday bash or spend obscene amounts of ca$h like the Cruise’s reportedly did for Suri (see here) or receive a million bones like rapper ‘Lil Wayne did, nope. Anyone out there? 

We won’t even throw a party. Cause we’re humble like that… 🙂

So we’ve put some things on sale (ends 3/30) though! We know you love a good sale.  Stuff for moms, babies, kids, and even dads.  So we’ll add stuff daily so check back often! www.StarlooksBoutique.com {4 Kids & Babes}…

Please don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter too! We send one out about 1-2 times per month, and maybe once more during sales.


About starboo

We are starting an online store featuring all kinds of cool stuff for kids! Please check back often since we add stuff daily. We just started this month, in December! Check us out at starlooks.myshopify.com (you don't need to add the www before our url). View all posts by starboo

One response to “We are 1 Year old today!

  • Amy Kennedy

    I know it is a little late but Happy Birthday. I have to say if you have made it a year you deserve something special. I opened my boutique 4 months ago, I hope I can hold up for a 1 year Birthday. You all have done great. Your boutique is so nice, user friendly, and a nice variety. I really enjoyed my shopping experience with you. May you have many more years of success.

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