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A house to fit every budget

Okay when I first found this, I immediately thought of that 90’s show Married with Children. I don’t know why. Anyway,  this is a travel trailer (buy one here), mind you, and it won’t break the bank at only $19.95 USD. Plus, they are all made in the USA.

And Greenleaf has a house that fits every buget or lifestyle. From travel trailers, lobster shacks, barns, or the traditional dollhouses, Greenleaf offers unique gifts for everyone. See another sampling of their gorgeous wooden miniature houses below.



Part of the fun of these houses are putting them together. When I was a kid I had my heart set on a dollhouse (what girly girl doesn’t)? My dreams came true in 1984 or 85 (can’t remember exact year). I am pretty sure it was made in the USA, but the memories made are even more important and special. Putting together that house with my dad was one of the best memories I have with him…

So put your good dollars (or whichever currency you use) to make lasting memories.

This is the Astor Cottage, $58.99 USD.



This Brookwood house is a limited edition and apparently they only have 20 left! At $199.95, it’s quite the steal!



You can see their entire collection here, at the Greenleaf Company Store.

Other places you can find American-made dollhouses:

Martin Dollhouses – from Barbie to action figure houses, you’ll be pleased with their selection.

Down to Earth Toys – carries made in USA dollhouses. We like this one.

Check out this amazing mansion dollhouse, the Rosedawn Plantation – will set you back a whopping $5,200 + s/h! BTW, we do not know if these are made in the USA, please check with the shop owner or manufacturer.

And of course you can always google “made in the USA dollhouses” to find more… !

~ Charlotte


Stylish, Organic, & Made in the USA

I found these t-shirts online via a fellow Twitter Tweeter, or whatever you call them. Anyway, the first thing I notice is their use of gorgeous colors throughout their webite (good taste there guys, that use of blue and chocolate brown, eh em). Anyway, the second thing I noticed was their clever name and branding: BrandoftheFree? We love it.

But what are the most important things about these shirts we think are so spiffy (besides being cleverishly stylish)?

100% organic cotton, grown in the USA.

100% Made in the USA.

The use low impact dyes.

Their products are Fair Trade / Labor.

Their product descriptions are fun to read.

Here are our favorite picks:

This is the “Protect Us” shirt, available in

both men’s and women’s. $32 USD


This green shirt above is the “Green Light” shirt, also availabe in both men’s and women’s. $32 USD.

Oh, and we can’t forget their totes – here’s one we like, the Winston cotton tote. ON SALE $18 USD.


OR, if you prefer girly over the not-so-old-lady-grandma-type (but I still love it, no shame), you can sport this to the supermarket or beach: (haha it’s sold out for now; sorry – but you can get the jist of the various styles they have)!

tb-0801cas-2Scoot on over to their site – they have lots more clever designs I wish I woulda thunkit. 🙂

Interview with Dashin Fashion!

Well the response to our interview by Dashin Fashion has been overwhelming, to say the least. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be interviewed by Laura Yatim, owner of Dashin Fashion, an internationally-known website directory for children’s apparel. Her website is truly amazing. Our inbox became flooded with emails from designers in countries far and wide. We absolutely adore children’s fashion and have come to love international designs with spunk and style – however, our focus is bringing to the international world American style at its best. We want the world to grow and fall in love with our designers and our boutique.

With that said, we would love to hear from American designers whose beautiful articles of clothing are actually made in the United States of America. You may contact me, Charlotte via email: starlooksbtq at aol dot com. We are looking for soft fabrics, carefully made, in most any kind of style, as long as it meets my daughter’s approval (I always ask her if she would love to wear it or if it’s nice, etc.). We tend to gravitate towards the current trends, many with retro style fabrics and design.

Also, if you’re a boutique or American designer, we’d love to exchange links with you. See our Favorite Links page for more information.

And if you get the chance, hop on over to Dashin Fashion. They have an enormous array of fabulous designers from all over the world – you will be amazed!

P.S. Great things are to come at Starlooks Boutique {4 Kids & Babes} – don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter!

P.S. again – Dashin Fashion loved our ItBag. We love it because it’s made in the USA. ItBag serves a multitude of functions, while being fun and stylish at the same time. You can read about it here.


Cricket & Monkey, Another Made in the USA find

We love Made in the USA, in case you didn’t already know. We’re always on the hunt for made in the USA, boutique quality, mom-friendly, fashionable finds.

We adore this little (actually, it’s not so little), number, the Amanda Canvas Messenger Bag in Fields of Blue $110.00:


That’s where Cricket & Monkey comes in. They stand above the crowd in many ways.

1. They are made in the USA (yippee!)
2. All products are approved by CPSIA testing and are lead free and contain no philates.
3. Many celebrities love them. If celebrities love them, we most likely love them too.  Oh come on – tell me you can’t survive without your US magazine or Perez ?  See mug shots below.

Cricket and Monkey. See their line here.

Owner and designer Karen with Ali Landry (“Eve”) and then Jody Sweetin (Full House)@ 2009 Golden Globes Celebrity event:



We are 1 Year old today!



OK so this posting may be a little late in the day, but we thought we’d pat ourselves on the back for making it to 1 year.  No, we’re not going to throw a huge birthday bash or spend obscene amounts of ca$h like the Cruise’s reportedly did for Suri (see here) or receive a million bones like rapper ‘Lil Wayne did, nope. Anyone out there? 

We won’t even throw a party. Cause we’re humble like that… 🙂

So we’ve put some things on sale (ends 3/30) though! We know you love a good sale.  Stuff for moms, babies, kids, and even dads.  So we’ll add stuff daily so check back often! {4 Kids & Babes}…

Please don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter too! We send one out about 1-2 times per month, and maybe once more during sales.

Bringing you the best American fashion has to offer

balloon_skirt_model1Well. We did it. We found what we were lookin’ for – myKy and mini momee fashions. They got your kid looking as sweet as the lil tootsie she is, just not with all of the gushie pink stuff. 


Our fave is this little number (by mini momee, which we have yet to realize it comes in adult sizes – perhaps if we knock loud enough, they’ll start making matching sets?


Made in the USA. It’ just makes us feel better that way. View entire collection of myKy here or mini momee here

Oh and our current fave by myKy (the Retro Floral Multi Mania skirt), on sale $24.96 (regularly $32.00):


Perfect for spring/summer!