Websites not good for little girls!

My 7 year-old daughter, M., found out about a game site through a slightly older neighbor girl friend that I want to warn you parents out there. Any parents out there that even give a darn about their daughter’s self confidence, vision about what it means to be a girl and for future’s sake, vision about what womanhood entails. Even for the teen girl, this is unacceptable, in my eyes.  Call me old fashioned, call me whatever you think. But I do have moral values that I need to live by as well as do my best to teach my children.

The site is

Here is the particular game that upset me:

You can go there and see why. Play the game. You’ll soon realize what I’m talking about.  Receptionist’s Revenge?  That’s the name of the game. Yep.

Filthy, disgusting. I cannot believe they would have a site out there like this.  OK maybe I can. But I just dont’ think like that. I don’t think about these types of things — that other people are thinking this way, etc. (Or I should say NOT THINKING).

I’ve learned my lesson though– that I need to take a little more time filtering what my children can do and where they can go on the internet (DUH)… 

SO JUST STAY AWAY FROM WWW.GIRLSGOGAMES.COM if you have any decency and sense. OR GO AHEAD. Raise your kids the way you like… it’s a free country, right? 

So the next blog entry will be about finding safe internet sites for kids. Places like Yahoo, AOL, and PBSKIDS.ORG are great places that I’ve never had any problems with…  Feel free to leave a comment if you’ve seen any good sites out there!


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5 responses to “Websites not good for little girls!

  • Lydia

    You may have heard me mention before. It’s an outstanding site for girls, or boys for that matter. They’ve got all kinds of security built in too.

  • Tiffany Izatt

    My daughter was on a site similar to that one and one of the “games” And the game was to take photos in a “club” and she got more points for getting clevage, and thongs and such. Also I am sure from those sites that I hate, we got a virus. Needless to say. I veto all of them. They do not promote healthy thoughts and good values.

  • Tiffany Izatt

    Good site we like are polly pocket

  • Miranda

    We stick to and, they have lots of games and activities that are safe for young kids.

    I can’t believe that game! I definitely wouldn’t let my 8 year old play that either. It never ceases to amaze me the stuff some people think is appropriate for our young girls who are so impressionable.

  • MommaSnail

    And when she bends over, you see her underwear! Ugh! This site has really made me mad.

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