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Websites not good for little girls!

My 7 year-old daughter, M., found out about a game site through a slightly older neighbor girl friend that I want to warn you parents out there. Any parents out there that even give a darn about their daughter’s self confidence, vision about what it means to be a girl and for future’s sake, vision about what womanhood entails. Even for the teen girl, this is unacceptable, in my eyes.  Call me old fashioned, call me whatever you think. But I do have moral values that I need to live by as well as do my best to teach my children.

The site is

Here is the particular game that upset me:

You can go there and see why. Play the game. You’ll soon realize what I’m talking about.  Receptionist’s Revenge?  That’s the name of the game. Yep.

Filthy, disgusting. I cannot believe they would have a site out there like this.  OK maybe I can. But I just dont’ think like that. I don’t think about these types of things — that other people are thinking this way, etc. (Or I should say NOT THINKING).

I’ve learned my lesson though– that I need to take a little more time filtering what my children can do and where they can go on the internet (DUH)… 

SO JUST STAY AWAY FROM WWW.GIRLSGOGAMES.COM if you have any decency and sense. OR GO AHEAD. Raise your kids the way you like… it’s a free country, right? 

So the next blog entry will be about finding safe internet sites for kids. Places like Yahoo, AOL, and PBSKIDS.ORG are great places that I’ve never had any problems with…  Feel free to leave a comment if you’ve seen any good sites out there!


Buying American Made / Made in the USA items


OK. This is so ridiculous that I have to blog about it.  Everywhere I go, websites, shopping malls, big corporate stores. No one at these places hardly carries Made in the U.S.A.  So we really have to dig deep.

It is to the point that it almost makes me sick. I am not saying that everything in my household is made in the USA. No. Not possible. Not all ALL possible.  I really try to stay away from made in China. Yeah. Check that one out.

But let’s stop and think how we got into this big financial mess in the first place. Think about it. Consumer society driven by, well, consumerism.  What exactly is it that we produce that other countries want?

Clothing? Maybe a very small percentage. Cars? Yeah. Art?  Electronics?  No way. Steel?


Even I don’t exactly know. Perhaps it’s guns and ammo? Yeah. WAR STUFF?  If anyone out ther knows please feel free to comment.

But personally, I have my own idea.  If we purchase American made, it may help our economy. If we turn towards our own workers and factories, perhaps we can make a small difference in this country. If we tell everyone else and spread this idea around, maybe more people will start trying to buy American made. Now this doesn’t mean we all have to buy American made ALL of the time. That’s just not possible anyway. But when we purchase clothing, foods, art, and other goods, we are really, truly, supporting our own citizens.

Here at Starlooks B we try to feature mostly made in the USA poducts. We love American made. And this is a new philosophy we’re trying to live by… and you should too!

Here are a few good websites that sell either all American made or mostly American-made products:

For boutique clothing and gifts, of course,

A total shopping directory, one of my very favorites:

Other places of interest:

A favorite toy directy:

Enjoy ! And please, whenever possible, we encourage you to buy American-made!!!!