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How to Avoid Burn Out

Starlooks Boutique’s Top 10 Things to do to avoid “burn-out.”

You can get burned out on a lot of things. My top thing is writing. I get stressed out when I can’t write. I am taking online classes right now, but the last two weeks I’ve been sick, tired, and busy. Okay.  So I’m not all alone here–and that’s why you’ve found my blog, right? 

Here goes:

1. Keep it going. Don’t stop, otherwise you’ll lose momentum (in whatever it is you’re doing).

2. Don’t look back. If you’ve made a mistake or just been plain perfect, don’t compare yourself to your past performance, otherwise you might get too stessed out!

3. Breathe. (sigh). In through your nose, out through your mouth. It’s like having contractions–you have to do the work and go through the motions, until you get your reward in the end. You can’t get the reward without the work!

4. Ask somebody. Talk to someone close. It usually helps me if I get stuck.

5. Think about the end, not the means. What is it you’re trying to accomplish? Write it down. Post it on your computer, in the bathroom, etc. STAY FOCUSED. And don’t ignore what has to get done. Procrastination is only good to a certain extent.

6. Take a break. Not a vacation, but a little break. Get refreshed and renewed. Go for coffee, go to the beach, go out on the town, to a club, whatever it is that you enjoy, do it.

7. Do something different that you never do before.

8. Go streaking. lol.  OK, I just said that because it popped in my head. Seriously though, do something wild, just to get a response. But nothing ILLEGAL or MENTALLY SCARRING for LIFE and NOTHING THAT WILL GET U FIRED!

9.  Seek legal or professional or religious advice regarding your situation, if applicable. Check out the yellow pages. or ask a friend or associate.

10. Start bloggin. Get it off of your chest! Or, go to:

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