Special & Cool Things to do or Make for Father’s Day 2008

Want to get crafty this Father’s Day?  Send your kids over to make this cute decoupage postage stamp tin box (or you could use photos of the the kids with dad or use old sporting, fishing, golfing, or other theme). Just go to http://www.allfreecrafts.com/homemade-gifts/stamp-tin.shtml for this and other great free crafty ideas that are fairly easy.  


Want to treat dad to dinner but not sure where or which places have what dress policies and are kid-friendly, etc?  Restaurant.org has just what you need:  links to the most useful databases of restaurants, national, state, or by city. Fine yours now!  Just go here

Does dad have a need to go to the game?  Does he want to go to a concert?  You can check sporting events, concerts, plays, and all kinds of events at StubHub for listings, locations, and times of events. 

Check out StubHub.com now!


Or perhaps he (or you or the kids) want to spend the day at a museum or event at a museum?  We found some great places to research locations, hours, events all in one place.  Here they are:

Or you can stay home, make lunch or dinner (a BBQ is always nice but he may not be able to resist doing it himself) for dad.  Don’t forget the desert!  Here are some great places to get some recipes for food and dessert:

Hope this helps & have a wonderful Father’s Day!  P.S. For reallyl awesome gifts for dad check out this place:

   Go there now!


Oh and P.S.S.  I really love reading Babble.com because they are chock-full of information on the latest trends, news, and information related to parenting.  They just came out with the Top 50 Coolest Celebrity Dads. Check it out! 


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