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Top 10 Stupid or Smart Things to do When You’re Bored on a Vacation

1.  You usually have the video camera with you, right?  Record yourself (& significant other) sleeping.  If your camera has a timer on it, you can set it to start in 30 minutes, usually the time it takes the average person to fall asleep (or however long you think it’ll take).  You might learn something:  sleep apnea, scratching, talking in your sleep, stuff like that.

2. Make a prank call to someone you don’t like.  Privatize your number.   Better yet, go out and pretend you’re going to take a walk and use a payphone.  Just make sure they don’t know where you’re vacationing.   

3. Call Dr. L (Laura).  I could think of a bunch of things I’d like to ask HER, especially regarding her stance on so-called “shack-up honeys” and why she likes to refer to some women as “unpaid wh*reS” when they are asking her for help.  And since I am happily married with five kids it would probably be a waste of my time to go on there.  Hey, it’s just an idea when you’re bored, right? Taken from her website:

I have a dilemma. How do I call Dr. Laura?
First – Turn Your Radio OFF – NOT Down. While on hold, you will be able to hear the show

  1. Be sure to call between 11:30am – 3:00pm PT (2:30pm – 6:00pm ET; 1:30pm – 5:00pm CT), Monday-Friday. 1-800-DRLAURA (1-800-375-2872). Call from a land line phone, or get stationary with your cellphone.
  2. Once you get through to the screener, be prepared with your question. Focus on the overall philosophical problem, not your specifics. Immediately, tell the screener how you expect to be helped by Dr. Laura.
  3. Write your question down so you do not forget while you are on hold.

4. Go out and buy a package of Nathan’s Hot Dogs.  They’re yummy.  Eat as much as you. Order pay-per-view and watch Beverly Hills Ninja, American Pie/Wedding, Dumb and Dumber, Superbad, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, or one of your favorite hysterical comedies.  Eat a bowl of ice cream afterwards.  Make sure you drizzle it with chocolate and top with goodies.  Then eat another bowl.  JUST KIDDING.  AGAIN, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Oh yeah, if you’re into scary or dramatic, how about The Grudge or The Grudge 2, War of the Worlds, The Exocist Returns, The Omen, or go here and pick  your own:  Filmsite.org or the popular IMDB.com

5.  Surprise the significant other with a treat (eh em).   ?  You’ll get major brownie points 🙂  What are you keeping score? If you really love him (or her), you don’t keep score.

6.  Get on the net and google your name, your nick-name, your surname, etc.  Then do your hubby’s or wife’s or significant other’s. Dig.  Dig real deep.  If you don’t have one or you’ve already done this, go look up sex-offenders in the area you’re vacationing.   Click here for USA.  Click here for International.

7.  Be snoopy.   After that, check out www.AMW.com for America’s Most Wanted.  Keep your eye out for these guys while vacationing (hey, you never know).  Also MissingKids.com is good.  I even googled international just in case you’re in Rome or Australia or anywhere else on the planet and came up with this site: click here. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t run into thugs and be a hero.  There are some crazy people out there. 

8. Not too many people do this, I think.  But here’s a good one:  when you first arrive to your hotel room go and do a sweep of the entire area.  I mean clean sweep as if you’re a crime detective.  Get this:  once my son found prescription drug samples in the closet.  My toddler could have eaten them and suffered God only knows what.  Yes this is a high class chain of hotels beginning with the letter “H”…  needless to say, we got a free stay out of it but we never went back…

9. If you have kids, let them jump on the bed if you don’t normally let them at home (they probably do it behind your back anyway).  Let them take as many baths as they want.  Run the jacuzzi.  All with supervision, of course 🙂  Let them feel special and order their own room service.  If they can talk, they can order.

10.  Retail Therapy.  Works almost every time!  For this, I know of a great place:  Starlooks Boutique {4 Kids & Babes} ! Otherwise, get your heiny out of the hotel room and shop sista! /brother 🙂

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  Follow or do not follow these at your own risk.  We can’t be held responsible for the stupid or smart actions that one takes.