Starlooks’ Sweet Summer Picks

This year we want to bring you the best of the best, the coolest of the cool of what we sell in our store. In review of our inventory, we stopped in our tracks and noticed one thing: we have waaaaaayyyy more girls clothing than boys’! So in light of that, we will be adding more cool boys clothing very soon. For now, here are our top picks (some are gender-neutral, which is nice):

The Rock Star Celebrity Gift Bag

We love organic personal care products. But there are many that don’t measure up. What do I mean you might ask? Well, basically we mean chemicals. That’s why we chose Rock Star Baby Organics (not just because of the cool name). We are pleased to bring you this superior line that is also fashionable. How can shampoo be fashionable? Well if you get this set, take a look and you’ll see why: they include a very cool beanie hat! It’s the Rock Star Celebrity Gift Bag. $72 bucks gets it. Go here to see what’s all in it.

Rock Star Celebrity Gift Bag

Peas Peace on Earth by Liliputians NYC

Next in line is the much-beloved Liliputians Peas Peace on Earth Shirt! We can’t get enough of this shirt–we even featured it in our newsletter, for those of you Starlooks Loyalists 🙂 It’s black and green (so it’s gender neutral), has the peace sign on it with peas, and it’s Made in the USA! What more could you ask for? Sizes 6 Months to 8 Years. $39.95 Go get one now! Click here.

Limited Edition Comic Book Skidpants by Dittany Baby

We chose these because they are so dang cute. And we have lots of other designs if you aren’t into the comic book thing. I mean LOTS. So go check us out! If you know of a design or color you have in mind that we don’t carry, just email us at info at starlooksboutique dot com and we’ll dig something up for you. $18 bucks gets the baby these cute lightweight leg warmers! Celebrity babies love their Skidpants! Go get them here now.

Handle with Loving Care T-shirt

Are you leary of new babysitters? Just want to politely REMIND people that children are precious? You’ll love this new “Handle with Loving Care” t-shirt designed by PCS Creations. Very affordable–it’s not boutique, but it’s UNIQUE and CUTE! We love it. If only they made these in adult sizes for pregnant moms! $14.95. Sizes 6 Months up to 14-16 Years! Grab one!

Camo Cargo Set by Kait Emerson Designs

Can you say skater boy? And so very cool. It’s professionally handmade AND Made in the USA! By Kait Emerson Designs out of Huntington Beach, California. Get your boy(s) one here now! Available in sizes 3 Months up to 4T. $55.00 Camo Cargo Set


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